4 staples: vintage casual

4 staples: vintage casual

My newest trend obsession that’ll probably stick with me forever is the “vintage-business-casual” look. I not sure if there is a name for this trend but it’s the pairing chunky dad sneakers with high waisted vintage jeans and a blazer kinda look. I think it’s absolutely genius. So I wanted to share my go to look for the chilly pockets of Spring.

To achieve this look, you will need just 4 staples:

sneakers or heels, vintage jeans, slightly oversized blazer, & shoulder bag.

You can dress up this look, how I am in my photos, or you can wear chunky dad sneakers to make it more casual. You can find inexpensive ones at Target, Walmart, and online. I added chunky gold hoops, a gold ring, and a corset over the blazer to compete this look.

Best part of it all, the jeans were the only item I splurged. They are authentic vintage high waisted Levi’s that I bought from a vintage reseller at a market for $50. The blazer is from the brand New York & Company, but I bought mine from a thrift store on an Air Force base for $4. I bought my heels at a thrift store for $3 and my shoulder purse was also purchased with the heels for only $2. Lastly, my earrings are from H&M which I bought on sale for $1.

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(Photos shot & edited by Emmanuel Akinnitire)

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